W21 Aluminium Multimounting – Three-Phase Electric Motors

Looking for the optimal solution to satisfy a diversity of requirements and applications, WEG offers its W21 Aluminium Multimounting three phase motor platform. Multimount (modular) design allows mounting form to be changed accordingly to application; flanges and feets are screwed on motor frame and can be installed without dissasembly of motor. Feets can be mounted on all sides of motor frame to allow different terminal box positons (top, left, right, bottom)

Recognised for their high quality, reliability and flexibility, these motors are used all over the world in various industrial applications.

IM B3T (terminal box on top)

Standard Features of Aluminium Multimounting motors type W21

Rated output:0.12 do 37 kW
Number of poles:2, 4, 6 in 8
Frame sizes:63 do 200 M/L
Multimount design:feets , flanges screwed, terminal box position in all positions
Efficiency level IE2 ali IE3
Ambient Temperature Range:-20°C do + 40°C,
Frequency:50 Hz
Voltage:220-240/380-415V (up to axle height 100)
380-415/660-720V (up to axle height 112 to 200)
Class insulation:”F” (ΔT=80 K)
Degree of protection:IP 55
Cooling method:TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) – IC 411
Mounting:IM B3T (na nogah, priključna omarica na vrhu motorja)